Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kebencian yang penuh menjadi duri dendam ,

argh , knp lh holiday aqw awl2 lg dh rosakk ? hey s.t.u pid girl n boys , plz , u better go to the hell first , before i kick u out frm my life , this is not the fest time , i kinda hate it , but i must accept this . first the stupido letter , then the setan kcyk . after that , my aunt . n then cousin . how i hate my life . huh ! i hate the whole programming . n now i hate who write this blog . n i just hate it . people please . i love you that read this if u care . i miss my kawankawan . i want back to the jail that i hate . eventhough that jail make me suffer but here more than hell , so could i ? i won't be bad , i swear . i won't mad again . [not swear] . please friend . i need to talk to someone . to cry on someone shoulder . i miss .. i miss you batch f3 ss n sk . just gve me chance . if i die tomorrow , forgive me forever . i hate my past . hate that present . n just hate the future . just HATE it , understood .

haters make haters .

tesco hate me , i hate tesco !

kcyk hate me , i hate kcyk !

u hate me , i hate u bck ! klik kalau suka (:

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