Saturday, July 3, 2010

remember is enough .

hey peeps . remember me ?

the one who hurt u , and loves u .
the one who care bout u and leave u .
the one that needs but take it easy .
the one who fails her own life .
the one that make it simple but caught herself in trouble .
the one that too bad and too kind .
the one that call herself bitter .
people , i tell you .

ask me to leave .
i'l leave .
ask me stay , i choose to go .
ask me to love .
i love.
ask me to hate .
i say it , but in heart it's not .
ask me why ,
i don't know .
i'll give you what u want as long as it possible .

Specially To All Part In BitterLife !

i love you my dear , miss you always .
gonna lost you one day ,
the days is numbered from now on .
u'll be in  my heart , 
u are part in my bitterlife .
i have lose in every type of game that i called bitterlove .
the only that i have is you .
take care when i'm not there ,
by ur side .
but remember me is enough .
fer my sissy in serdang ,
please read this excitedly ,
kaka will be back by the end of the year ,
i miss you a lot .

iena ; nadia
 dianah ; mas ; syasya ; nas ; wani
Zahira ; khatty ; batch f3 sk ; f3 ss . Memoryy !
Last but not least ; this is one of my fav cause , the bitterpart of my life in this year is right here ;p
 p/s ; y tkde gamba , sorry . aku syg kw gak . tp time buad post ny ngah nk cpt . nt aku ltak 

klik kalau suka (:

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