Monday, August 23, 2010

when this grumpy girl become stupid .
i don't know why , last night , I'm on the way back to hostel , i feel something worse will happen ,
 about what ?
i don't know .
it's hard to hold my own life now .
it's too hard , 
my mum comes to that prison , then meet the uncle .
after that meet me in the dormitories .
we were arguing about something that so simple . but .
i don't know . i hate it when mum gonna search all bout me .
i hate it .
stop treat me like a baby ma ,
yes , you called me baby . every part of our family called me baby but I'm not that type .
you can called me anything you want but stop treating me like stupid child , 
i know you care , i know you love me .
but mum , I'm already a teen .
and I'm already FIFTEEN .
i need my life !
leave me alone !
since yesterday i feel bad bout what will happen today .
and now , see ?!
huh , Hash ! sorry Anne doesn't want to talk to you just now . 
but dear , don't worry , i love you .
call me later okay .


klik kalau suka (:

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