Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm your GF not your sis !

Oh , my future husband , where are you ? I'm not looking for one , I'm waiting for one , true love comes . Why did we must met the wrong one before the real and true one comes up ? That's a lesson in love ;) You know my heart ? Anybody know her ? Okay , she's sick . She's sick of love , nobody know her well . Now , she's broken to thousand pieces . Can you please help me . Lets buy a plaster that can fix her . How bout your heart ? Is he/she okay ? I hope everybody's heart in this world will remain unbroken ;') but , impossible right ? You know my eyes ? Yeah , if you know me , if we can meet . You'll clearly see it right ? My eyes are now swollen . Know why ? She cried , a lot . She's sad of what happen to my heart . Aw , pity them right ? You know me ? We'll meet one day , if its written . I'm a bad bad girl :'| I'm a fierce girl , but who knows , I fall in love , he's my world . I want to be pampered ;'( Every girl would like too . I wait for him , you better feel fucking special ! I choose you over sleep. But I'm your ordinary girl right ? From now on , I should fade from your life my boy . How deep my love ? He never care . Well thousand thanks honey ;') I will always deeply in love with you . But , i need to go , my heart need a break , my eyes need to refresh herself , my brain need to be tough , so , she's ready to be damn tough . Because , she never want to lose him . So , i don't want the perfect future husband . I'll peel off my sadness for you . I will put aside my heartache for you . For somebody that choose his game than me , that left me for his soccer , that choose sleep over me . So i do love you , i do want you . I promise you that i'll put aside my feelings for you . I'm tired of seeking for your attention , if you don't want to give some , then nevermind . Let it be , I'll be walking in your pathway , as you don't want to walk in our love lane . So , i need to tolerate ;') goodbye my dear life , my adorable sulking moment , my lovely tears , my cheerful moment after sulking , my typical anger and sadness . We can't be together anymore . My boy hates you ;'( don't worry , i'll be back  to those feelings when he left me , wait for me okay ? I hope you're happy my boy . Read this slowly again and again , because i won't be otp , on the facebook , or on this blog , for few days . I need to do this , as you never appreciate it when i put aside my sad feelings ! Goodbye !

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