Monday, February 2, 2015

What's mine stays mine.

He might hurt me.
He might let me go for the small bullshit thing.
But as long he's mine.
he'll stay as mine.

You might hurt me.
As much as you want.
You might say he's yours.
Take whatever you want.
But please, leave.

He seems playful.
He seems Ego.
He seems Bad.
He seems spoiled.
But, what's mine stays mine.

You may have stayed for 6 years.
You may have been the cutest girl.
You may have been his one and only.
You might be his everything.
But what's past is past.

I know how much this hurt.
I know how you regret leaving him behind.
I know the deepness of your love towards him.
But he's not yours.

I know that he might still have everything for you.
For the deepest of six years both of you have been going through.
You are one success girl for the happiness he felt 1/3 of his life.

He might be yours before.
You might be his before.

Let him go.
Let us be free.

klik kalau suka (:

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