Sunday, August 8, 2010

Complicated .

heyy , just now i'm updating , and now i feel like want to update it again .
its complicated .
too complicated .
i hate it .
n i really don't know how to make myself even stronger than before .
just now i'm in love , and by this second it become memory .
my dear , i miss you .
one thing , i never come back ,
it's hard , for me . once i love , once i left .
the love is still there , but it's hard to accept .
you and me once , now it is memory , 
where is he ?
mum ask , and the answer is simple .
" he is deep in my heart "
then , mum ask me again.
" will you accept him if he comes back ? "
the answer is ...
" not now mum "
and then i go to my sweetest bitter room .
and type this ,
mum , you don't know what it feel when people treat me like hell .
mum . thanks cause care , you know i love him .
he is memory , mum .
memory is past . now is present . i need the future .
love comes and go by itself .
if he ever love me mum ,
 he know how to stole my attention .
so , if he stole my attention then why not .
mum , i know he's kinda close to you .
and i know u r trying to help him right ?
good try mum !
wish your help gives a bucket of true !
one last thing , my heart will always fill with his love !

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