Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hey readers :3 
I'm typing with lots of love. I'm lying.
Today, I imagine a great fairytale and what comes ? An Unexpected Extra Tiring Day :3
Whew, lucky today almost over :')
I'm tooooooooo tired until the feelings feels like crying itself without tears :(

Wake up.
Having a new life without school ? I miss being a school student already :')
Hanging out with friends without all the reunion thing. Fight over each other. Guys, you are awesome.

My current life kinda boring. 
Being the last person in the house to go to work while the first person to come back.
Being alone in the office.
Cleaning up the entire house without a sister's help :(
Pick up all the things without a brother's energy ;(
Oh god, why do I have to be the last girl in the house. Why? Why?

Lucky to have a supportive mother.
You are awesome, Mama, Love youu :*
Lucky to have him by my side. Cheering me up without a single sigh.
Thanks DS.

klik kalau suka (:

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